Friends Only

So I've decided that it's time for me to lock my journal. It's not that I have any problem with sharing my journal, it's just that I'd like to know whose reading my journal more than anything else.

If you're just interested in my graphics, you don't need to bother posting here, you can just friend me. All graphic posts and things in the like are posted unlocked.

Comment to be considered.
This post is for people who actually wish to be friends / wish to be friended back / want access to my random posts and rants. If any of those apply to you then just leave a comment, let me know why, and in most cases you'll be friended.
Quinn: hallway

Hey F-list......

Long time no.... anything eh?

First of all, sorry. I know that I've been an absolutely horrible person to have on your f-list lately. But I promise that I'm going to try to get caught up when I get a chance, and I'm going to try to be around more often.

Meanwhile, while I'm not really back back, I am going to be popping in once every... well, not sure how often yet... but at some kind of random intervals for a while to be spamming you guys with art posts. (All will be behind a cut, maybe with a preview, and I'll always be sure to label the cut so you know what's behind it, for those of you that would rather not see femslash pictures but wouldn't mind seeing others)

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Question Time

So, I haven't made a proper post in a while, and I will get to that (soon hopefully) but right now I have a question to ask you guys.

Should I get a Tumblr account? I've been lurking it a lot the past month, but I'm not sure if it's actually worth it for me to get one. I just don't know. (That and I find the whole thing ridiculously confusing). IDK?

Tumblr. Yes or No?
Tanya Freemont

Realizations + Free Comic Book Day

So it seems that yesterday's post of angst and whine really did help after all. Unlike the past week, the thing wasn't circling around in my head all day, I guess I just needed to get it out. Also, it made me realize that one of the reasons it's bugging me so much is because it means I'll be yet another year behind what should have been my graduating class. Which sucks, a lot. But I realized that I need to stop caring about the rest of my year, who cares if they're 3 years ahead of me, I need to focus on ME when it comes to school, nobody else. Therefore, I need to stop worrying about people being ahead of me. I'm glad I realized that. It helps.

I basically spent my day doing nothing today, despite my will to be active during the next 6 weeks. I got most of my laundry done (You don't know how many socks you have until you put them one by one, individually into the washing machine. I filled an entire load with just socks. And our washing machine is HUGE!) and I've got my room officially cleaned and sorted through, I just need to find proper places for all my shit now. I also did a small bit of job hunting today and then spent the rest of my time playing my Lima town in the Sims 2 (I adore this town. I've made a point of making EVERY SINGLE glee characters and what I imagine to be their families. I really do mean every single. I have all the minor characters too :B Tis so much fun to play). Oh, and I watch Glee. 3 Times. I'm not obsessed, I just watched it when it aired, watched it with my mom when she got home, and then watched it to find where I wanted to cap for icons. Perfectly reasonable. (BTW, glee this week was AMAZING! It completely made up for all the low parts of the last few episodes)

Anyways, I'll stop wall of texting and get to the part you guys actually care about now.

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R/Q: Push It

Unfinished Faberry Art.

So... I've spent the better part of today's freetime doodling this, and I figured I should probably share it now. Because if I don't do it now I never will, and there's no way in hell I'm even going to finish it. (There's just so many things wrong with it, and the more I work on it the more I hate it, and ugh.) My main issue with it is Quinn though, I absolutely love Rach in this, which is surprising because I normally want to punch Lea Michele in the face when I try to draw her (damn her gorgeous face frame!)

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For IrisAyame

So... I might have maybe opted out of doing my homework today.... because I really didn't want to.... So there's a very high possibility that I may have passed the time by messing around with graphics.

Now, this here isn't really all that exciting unless you're reading irisayame 's Faberry fic Parent Trap (which actually sort-of makes my life. I mean, Faberry + One of my all time favourite childhood movies! Yes please!)

It felt good to make graphics again, I've been SO incredibly busy lately that I haven't been able to. I didn't realize how much I missed it too. I'm definitely glad I skipped homework to do so today, completely worth it.

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P.S. No judging the musical tastes. It's been stuck in my head all week. Stupid babysitting. Feel free to click and get it stuck in your head as well.

P.S. #2: This is only one of the MANY things I made today, you can expect a nice large graphic's post probably sometime this weekend. Be excited!.... please.