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Confused in Style ♥


The Person
Lizzie. Ranter. Procrastinator. Music Lover. Horribly Sarcastic. Giant Lurker. Bookworm. Soccer in the Summer. Snowboarding in the Winter. Graphic Maker. Fic Reader. All Around Internet Whore. Canadian.
The Obsessions
Classic Novels. Musicals. Movies. Greek Mythology. Merlin. Glee. Doctor Who. House. Heroes. How I Met Your Mother. The Class. Disney. Comics. Star Trek. Avatar. Anime and Manga. Harry Potter. Kristen Bell. Zachary Quinto. Jennifer Morrison. Billie Piper. Rockman. Kingdom Hearts. Fandom.
The OTPs
House/Cameron | Doctor/Rose | Rachel/Quinn | Draco/Hermione
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The mood themes I use are a mixture of themes by sellthelie, militarypenguin and jlneveloff